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We are one of the leading companies doing installation of Lucem products. We have started the work from 2021 in the installation works and presently, we are working on the following projects in India.

We are having qualified professionals teams, who delivers the project successfully and on time. We cater service in the installation of four Lucem materials namely LINE, STRAIGHT, LABEL and PURE.

What Is Lucem: Translucent Concrete is an innovation in building material and an epitome of luxury. This high-end illumination solution can be used both indoors and outdoors and for multiple purposes.
We are passionate to provide premium full-service solutions and stunning light designs for the world.

Interior Design

Here at Styliv Spaces we don’t just create interiors – we create lifestyles. We work hard to fit the interiors seamlessly with the architecture of the building, creating a clear style and character for the house.

We design for leisure, public, and residential sectors and cater a variety of clients with modern, classic and oriental taste, we aim for a world class output in every project, from concept to completion. Our mixture of modern functionality, thoughtful aesthetics and attention to detail will raise your interior design to the next level.

Floor Plan

A floor plan gives the big picture and helps comprehend how the flows between rooms will be like, and enables you to understand space connection nuances. The dimension allows for prospective buyers to view how their fittings and furnishings would fit in the space. At Styliv Spaces, we provide international standards floor planning services at an unbeatable cost.  

All you need to do is to provide us with your project files which may be sketches, images, blueprints, CAD, or PDF files. We will then use them to deliver top-notch 2D floor plan designs. Our 2D floor plan services are scalable and help captivate the buyer’s attention by providing them with a clear view of the floor plan, thereby assisting them in making the right decisions. 


Sports Facility Design and Execution

We design sports infrastructure facility that is world-class and yet designed and executed to perfectly fit the needs of the organisation and available area. The parent company’s background of being closely associated with sports helps us
Anticipate the audience needs & capacity regulations, analysing which sports will Utilize the Field best, helps us consider maintenance requirements, Potential Return on Investment and at the same time implement versatile Use Options.